Eulogy, painted wooden box, taxidermy sparrow, miniature tea cups, branches, brass knob, photograph, 2009
 Crow's Feet, assemblage, Victorian wax mannequin, taxidermy crow, child's Victorian booties, antique ladder back chair, Victorian shrug, 22'x24"x16", 2012
 Little Delicacies, antique doll heads, wooden sticks,decorative stand, 2009
 Dream Catcher, antique doll, antique doll bed, antique doll heads, sticks and branches, 2009
 Got Calf, mixed media assemblage, taxidermy, silk flowers, ceiling medallion, crystals, ,12"x24"x10"2012
 Bella Rosa, vintage mannequin, wig, flower, Victorian dress, 2010
 Boy Toy, 14"x36"x16", vintage mannequin, vintage child shirt, shorts, shoes and socks, wig, toy drum, 2010
 Little Fixer, Assemblage, vintage mannequin, vintage teddy bear,wig, vintage child clothes,shoes,socks, needle, yarn, 16"x36"x14, 2011
 Chair Lift,  vintage doll chairs, antique German doll head, vintage doll house, 9"x18"x9", 2011
 Winter Wonderland, antique German doll, faux snow, cotton branches, vintage stuffed animal, 2011
 Venus Baby, clay, twine, vintage baby doll head,10"x23"x8", 2010
 Two Heads are Better than One, Assemblage, dolls parts, antique porcelain baby dolls, ribbon, *'x18"x7", 2015
 Stairway To Heaven, antique child and doll beds, 36"x4'x28", 2010
 Watching Over me, Assemblage, Armand Marseille German bisque Doll, vintage picture frames, red velvet doll settee, taxidermy parakeet, wooden moldings, feather stole, vintage child brush, 36"x30"x26", 2011
 Reflection, Assemblage, antique doll, doll chaise, vintage mirror, doll shoes, antique wooden shutters, 36"x34"x22", 2010
 Doll House of Cards, Assemblage, Armond Marseilles antique doll, Vintage cards, folk child chair, candle, 28"x32"x20", 2015
 Arm Candy,Assemblage, vintage mannequin, vintage floral headpiece, wig, Victorian slip, porcelain doll hands, 24"x 30"x14", 2010
 Night Watcher, branches painted white, white painted mannequin, white tulle dress, shadow box,  26"x30"x 8", 2014
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